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Excellence above all – How Andros stays committed to the environment, traceability and health security

Andros makes it a point of honour to offer quality products with a sustainable approach. This starts with precise sourcing allowing the selection of the best soil, climate, variety — and human — alignment.

Traceability and security, the practices put in place 

Ensuring the quality of products is obviously fundamental. Andros visits a third of suppliers each year in order to ensure that each one applies precise protocols in terms of safety and ecology. In addition to these follow-up visits, the Andros experts perform monthly technical visits to taste the fruits, and to understand the issues the farmers are facing.  

In parallel, the Andros Amont Fruitier team calls upon experts to put in place new technologies for agricultural monitoring to be more precise in terms of traceability. The goal to date? To be able to identify not only the orchard, but also the particular plot of provenance of each fruit. 


Reconnect with nature

Even without humans needing to intervene, nature manages to grow plants and fruit trees. This seems obvious, and yet today, human intervention is everywhere. Andros wanted to reconnect with this original principle while respecting the work of nature as much as possible, by intervening in the most fair, targeted and respectful way. It’s at the heart of the regenerative agricultural approach, which is also called conservation agriculture. 


This means a reduction in the amount of water used, and a less aggressive use of pesticides, machines and any form of energy required for human interventions. Each year, over 2,000 tests of pesticide residue are conducted and our partner orchards are transitioning progressively towards this agro-ecological approach. As the life and health of the earth are respected in this way, it’s the whole chain  —  up to the harvested fruit — that benefits.


Agriculture in the time of global warming

The Andros group’s commitments for the environment are essential, as farmers are facing climatic hazards that are increasingly frequent and difficult. Andros remains connected to the world’s fruit-growing regions, paying attention to developments. Sometimes this means helping farmers in a certain country to establish a new crop, or to help them resume their activity in a different way. It is this reactivity that allows for the greatest possible resilience. 


When ecology rhymes with ethics 

Andros’ values of sustainability go beyond agriculture. Everything around our fruit must also have meaning and correspond to the Andros values. Each of the partner suppliers is committed to the application of a charter of ethics requiring the respect of everyone who works on site. 


A full-fledged actor in civil society, Andros takes action outside of its orchards and labs in order to attain a positive impact. In France, over 2,000 tons of produce are donated each year to charities. 

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