Ice-cream training course by Stéphane Augé: a retrospect with pictures

On 25 and 26 February, Andros Chef and Stéphane Augé held a comprehensive and technical ice-cream training course.

Two intense days of training

Open to professional bakers and pastry chefs interested in discovering the secrets of ice cream, sorbet, granita and other frozen desserts, these training sessions are held throughout the year at our headquarters in the Lot.

Two intense days of training with Stéphane Augé, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (“MOF”) in ice cream. Thanks also to Hubert Cloix SAS and Carpigiani Group for their support.

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During the course, our trainees learned about the processes for making ice cream and sorbets. Stéphane Augé taught them how to make ice cream and sorbet mixes as well as pastry bases. He shared with them his ice-cream technology, called “glacetronomie”. The trainees also learnt about churning and how to insert ice-cream middles and assemble decorations. It was an atmosphere of good fun and humour!

What desserts were on the agenda? A sweet orange granita to drink in summer, a peach-strawberry ice lolly to quench your thirst, “plein fruit” (whole-fruit) Williams pear sorbets, and a passion fruit and blackcurrant dome-shaped dessert for sharing. Not forgetting the strawberry “jam” sorbet on toasted brioche, the caramel apple ice-cream sandwich, the exotic mango and passion fruit Exkimo® ice-cream lolly, and the piña colada ice-cream cocktail.

Stéphane Augé, coach to the best

Elected “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in the ice cream category in 2007, Stéphane Augé was asked by the Confédération Nationale des Glaciers de France to coach the team that represented France at the 2020 Gelato World Cup. He knows the competition well as he was a member of the French team in 2008 and coached the Moroccan team in 2010.

Pictures from the competition

The whole team

Sorbets and ice creams made by the trainees

Strawberry “jam” sorbet on toasted brioche

A sweet orange granita

Peach-strawberry ice lollies

Piña colada ice-cream cocktail in an iced glass for a trendy cocktail

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