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“Fruits de Talent” Competition 2024: Registrations are now open!

The fruitiest pastry competition of the year is coming back for its 4th edition. Discover who takes the lead as President of this year's "Fruits de Talent" Competition.

The fruitiest pastry competition of the year is coming back for its 4th edition. Registrations for the “Fruits de Talent” competition are open exclusively to French pastry students and apprentices.

Students who wish to participate should visit our Fruits de Talent page to download the registration form and submit their completed applications by March 1st, 2024.

The eight finalists for the competition will be chosen by a panel of professionals and announce on March 11, 2024.

A theme combining world cuisine and the art of French pastry

This year’s competition theme is:

The participants will have to marry culinary traditions and ingredients from various cultures while using traditional French pastry techniques to create original recipes that showcase berries and red fruits.

Each attendee must create a boutique entremets, an individual restaurant dessert, a take-away dessert, and a confectionery developed using natural recipes, so cherished by Andros and applied in the production of all Andros Chef ingredients.

Therefore, only fresh fruits, natural origin ingredients, and Andros Chef ingredients are permitted for use by the participants in their creations.

Arnaud Larher, MOF, and Jury President

The esteemed French pastry chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Arnaud Larher, has the honor of presiding over the jury for the Fruits of Talent Competition 2024.

On this occasion, we asked him about the inspiration behind the competition theme and his advice for the candidates. Discover his insights in the video!

Arnaud Larher – President of the 4th edition

Join us on May 3rd and 4th, 2024, for the grand finale taking place in our orchard in France at Biars-sur-Cère.

In the meantime, find the competition regulations and registration details on our website: https://www.androschef.com/en/concours-fruits-de-talent/

Our inspirations

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