Takeaway Recipes

A fruit-filled Andros Chef recipe guide for the new era of takeaway. Are you ready?

We’re all adjusting to the new normal🍴

The hospitality industry is being hit particularly hard by varied and changing restrictions. We’re here to offer a humble guide for inspired takeaway offerings.

For easy to assemble to-go treats, AndrosChef offers you 12 quick recipes to make in 3 overall formats: cups, crumbles and cakes. 🍧 🧁 🥧

Using Andros Chef fruit ingredients, these recipes deliver on flavour, texture and variety.

🍒  Highlights include our Crispy Apricot Cup, a Basque Cherry Cake and a Buckwheat Redberry Crumble.

Get carried away with our takeaway tips.

Our inspirations

Fruits inspire the greatest creatives! Discover these recipes from professionals and awaken your taste buds!

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