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New Partnership with Indoguna

Singapore-based and seeking natural fruit ingredients? We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Indoguna!

Now available in Singapore:

🍋 Sweetened purées – frozen fruit purées made with the best-selected fruits and just the right amount of added sugar (10% maximum)

🍓 Unsweetened purées – frozen fruit purées that are 100% fruit and nothing else

🍐 High Compote – frozen fruit preparations with large fruits’ chunks

🍒 IQF Fruits – our premium frozen fruits

So for all of you Singapore-based gastronomy professionals, get to know our ranges of natural fruit ingredients – all made from the very best produce – and start planning your new recipes now.

Thanks Indoguna Singapore for being curious by Nature, just like us.

Curious too ? Visit Indoguna’s website :

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