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Florence Lesage shares her passion for coconut through her coconut hazelnut religieuse. 

This pastry chef created his recipe with our coconut purée. Since we’re curious by nature, we wanted to learn more and share his story.

“I’ve always loved coco!  My mother used to cook my favourite dessert with coconut. I love working with this fruit for its immaculate character and its surprising flavours. It can be subtle or intense, like when we toast it as a powder, for a example. The inspiration for my recipe coconut hazelnut came from my love for those two flavours. The recipe includes a light cream flavoured with with a coconut hazelnut praliné. With a very pronounced taste that’s reassuring and highly addictive, in my opinion. The praliné is made with whole hazelnuts and toasted coconut powder. Between the two choux pastries you’ll find a coconut whipped cream. ”

Florence Lesage

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