Ingrédients fruitiers puissants en goût

Our commitment: to preserve natural flavour

To make Fruits the main fruit ingredient recognised and required by the best professionals,  we’ve made the unique effort to implement our transformation labs right at the heart of our orchards around the world.

This is where our teams guarantee a special level of attention to the fruits, which are harvested at the exact moment they reach maturity.

Everything is put in place to preserve the fruits and their organoleptic qualities, from harvest to their final transformation into fruit ingredients.

The Andros savoir-faire and its strength reside in the preservation of each fruit’s natural flavour throughout its transformation in order to propose fruit ingredients with strong taste and beautiful natural colour, never altered with additives.

Our slow and respectful manufacturing process allows professionals to bring quality and natural fruit flavours to their creations.

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Our inspirations

Fruits inspire the greatest creatives! Discover these recipes from professionals and awaken your taste buds!

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